The community in Ara Idaman consist of different races, religion and political affiliation. But we live together in harmony as Malaysians because that’s what we are.

The recent spate of crime and burglaries in Ara Idaman brought all of us together to start this security & perimeter fencing project to help make our neighborhood safer for our loved ones.

Join us in the community forums and share your thoughts, feedback, etc


Note of Thanks:
We would like to acknowledge and thank the following residents for their contributions:

A) For the guard house.
1) Cletus and Nesa of Bayu for the floor and wall tiles
2) Sunny of Bayu for the additional flood lights
3) Bayu for the barriers and 1 lenght of road hump
4) Daniel of Embun for the roof tiles
5) Christine of Bayu who arranged for the good discount on the boom gate/CCTV system
6) Poh Choo of Embun for providing water and electricity during the construction of the guardhouse.
7) Lim of Embun for the office chair
8) Tony of Embun for the use of the bicycle
9) Cheok of Pelangi for the flood light poles
10) Azlan of Pelangi for the set of table and chair
11) Yee of Pelangi for the barriers and cones
12) James of Mutiara for the extra effort in making the guard house a conversation piece.
13) Mutiara for the table, chairs, barriers and cones

B) Walkie Talkie system
14) Sunny of Bayu for taking the initiative to start and took charge of it
15) Cash contribution from Tan Sri Desa Pachi for the amount of RM1,500.00, KC for RM300.00, Reena for RM200.00, James for RM50.00 and KH for M50.00. All afore mentioned are from Bayu
16) Cheok of Pelangi for the antenna pole.

C) Our Chairman – Albert Lau for his invaluable time in overseeing the entire project and liaising with MPPJ and various other authorities in making this happen.

Our apologies to those whom we have missed out and our thanks and appreciation to those who don’t want to be acknowledged.