Fresh Vegs from Mr. Goh

Fresh Vegs from Mr. Goh


This week’s fresh vegetables from Bukit Tinggi:

  • Bentong Ginger

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Tomatoes

  • OZ Red Carrots

  • Sawi

  • Bayam

  • Bendi

  • Cabbage

  • Old Cucumber/Lou Wong Kua

  • Petola

  • Kacang Botol

  • Baby French Beans

  • Lettuce

  • Hong Fong Choy/ Gynura Bicolor

  • Timbun

  • Brinjal

  • Tin Chat leaft

And many other Veggies !


Venue: DO RA ME  ( Saturday mornings)   7.30 – 11am


OR call Farmer Goh at 016-6264134

OR Ms. Samantha Goh at 016-2206775

to reserve your veggies


SPECIAL: Organic Foliar Fertiliser!

Also available at the Veggi corner is the Organic Foliar Fertilizer which is used by vegetable, fruit and flower farmers.

This is the professional export grade fertiliser that has been proven in various farms in Dalat, Vietnam, Songkhla, Thailand,Kampong Cham,Cambodia  Bukit Tinggi and of course Malaysia. All you need to do is to use 5ml to 1liter water and spray it on the leaf and stems of the plant.

This will cause better blooms, greener leaves and sweeter fruits.


If you have any questions regarding this Foliar Fertilizer, please contact Sunny (+019-222 1383 ) or Farmer Goh (+60166264134) for nutritional advice of your garden.


Organic Bitter Mak Choy

Organic Bitter Mak Choy

Gynura Bicolor - good for red blood cell reproduction & reduces blood pressure

Gynura Bicolor – good for red blood cell reproduction & reduces blood pressure


Contact/WhatsApp Farmer Goh at 016-6264134

Guaranteed Fresh, Sunny Approved :-)

(A warm and friendly guy, Mr. Goh is a fellow resident in Ara Damansara. He has his own farm in Bukit Tinggi)