How to submit complaints to MBPJ

How to submit complaints to MBPJ

MBPJ has recently (15 Sep 2014) launched a new SOP for the public to lodge complaints:

ref: MBPJ New System for Complaints

There are 4 categories of complaints:

Cat 1: Critical

  • Involves cases pertaining to public safety, traffic obstruction and property destruction,

Cat 2: Require Immediate Action

  • Has the potential to affect public safety or cause traffic obstruction and property destruction.

Cat 3: Normal Complaints

  • Cases that do not require tender process or issuance of notice and outsourced contractors

Cat 4: Non-Critical Cases

  • Involves normal maintenance work and tender process, and does not affect public safety.

NOTE: Complaints received from MBPJ hotline, email and website will be monitored by the complaints unit and not directed to the respective departments in the city.

To lodge a complaint, visit:

The menu on the left allows you to lodge new complaints, check the status of your existing complaint, etc.