Intruders attacked AraIdaman Guard House (GH)

Intruders attacked AraIdaman Guard House (GH)

From the information gathered from the guards and from reviewing the CCTV footages, 2 intruders arrived on a motorbike and parked at the junction around 4am and walked towards the guardhouse. Both were wearing crash helmet and one of them had the visor lifted up. TheĀ  guard on duty approach them to enquire, but the intruder took out parang (according to the guard, it appears to be a Japanese sword from the CCTV footage). Upon seeing these, the guards ran behind the fence and observe the intruders smashing up the guardhouse.

One of the guards called Tony from the security committee. On noticing this d intruders departed. The 3rd guard was on patrol during this incidence.

Damages incurred:
– smashed glasses/window panes
– smashed computer screen and keyboard
– one of the guards lost his mobile phone.

The CPU and recorder were not damaged as they were concealed from sight.

Fortunately, none of the guards were injured. Tony (first to arrive to the scene), 2 others from Embun, 1 from Claremont and another from Bayu came to provide support and kept vigil at the guardhouse while the 2 guards went to the Police station to make their report. Hats Off and 3 cheers to these brave men!

An Appeal to All Residents

My own initial response was, “wah … why the guards so lembap? Running instead of apprending those intruders?” – then reality hits – what would any sane person do? Un-armed and un-trained in hand-combat, what would one do? Naturally, the response is to run of course.

But having said that, the security measures that were put in place, i.e. the monthly payments that all of us have been contributing to pay for these guards, fencing, etc – DID serve its purpose. It prevented these intruders from entering our taman. Imagine, if the guards were not there, what would have happened? Those 2 guys would have breezed in, targeted one of us and maybe even harm one of us during the break-in.

But it did not happened because we had the guards (despite their shortcomings) and the guardhouse that prevents any Tom, Dick or Harry from entering.

So, if you have been faithfully contributing to the IADRAS upkeep, a big thank you. If you haven’t, we hope you will reconsider as we are all together in this little Kampung.


UPDATES: The IADRAS committee will get the security provider to relook into the SOP and protocol for the guards in such events to further improve the guards efficiency in handling such intrusions.