Notice of Road and Drainage Takever by MBPJ and IADRAS Objections

Update: 3rd April 2014 – IADRAS Response

Dear Dayang,

For the record.

Even though you had offered your apology, I would still like to state it clearly that the last minute postponement then cancellation of the meeting on 27 March’14 was rather unfortunate and it happening within the same day takes the cake as we had a bunch of people who had purposely made time to attend it. Confidence in Sime Darby’s sincerity was definitely brought into question. Taking into consideration what had happened, I had taken the precaution to call Isa yesterday to ask for confirmation if there is to be a meeting today. No confirmation was received and there you were at 9.00 am in front of my house this morning. To describe how we are being treated, words failed me.

On the handover of the lights and maintenance & upkeep of Ara Idaman to MBPJ, as per requested this morning, please let us have a copy of the letter from MBPJ. To my memory, I do not recall any notice being put up to notify us as such. With the letter, we shall refer the matters which fall under these scope to the correct department in MBPJ.

Early this week, we were handed a list of items which were noted down by Isa and Syahira during the walk about we had together sometimes in Jan’14 which resulted from the meeting arranged by the then Councillor on or about 23 Dec’13 between the RAs of Ara Damansara and Sime Darby Property with you and your superior Suffian present. After the a fore mentioned walk about, a detailed list was supposed to be compiled on what needs to be done and handed to us to review, rectify and confirm. This was not done. During the meeting this  20 March’14, called by Cik Yan of MBPJ Engrg Dept, you agreed that the detailed list will be provided by 27 Mar’14. This is what we are looking forward to all this while – in fact we had been looking forward to the detailed list dating back to the day when we had the first walk together with the then Councillor and MBPJ’s Engrg Dept’s officer sometime mid of last year, way before SDJ called for the tender on the work that needs to be done. To this effect, even Cik Yan recalled the event as she was present during that first walk about.

As per stated and shown this morning, the so called list handed to us is not in detail, only in general. Even though you had agreed to come up with the detailed list, you are now back tracking now by saying that you need to consult with your management after the agreed dateline has passed. Looks like you have taken us and Cik Yan for a ride for it appears that you had no intention to come up with the detailed list in the first place.

Even from the so call list provided, it is clearly shown that what needs to be done is incomplete and what had been done is not totally satisfactory either. Yet despite knowing so, the handover process was set in motion and as per stated by you, we can now submit our objections to MBPJ and SDP will act on MBPJ’s instruction. It seems that we have to do SDP’s work by coming up with a detailed list of our objections, meaning to list down all incomplete and unsatisfactory work to submit to MBPJ so that MBPJ can in turn give the list to SDP and instruct SDP to complete it. Despite all the meetings that we had had and all the feed backs that we had given, we are now back to square one, still waiting for the detailed list and SDP to complete what needs to be completed before the handover.

As per stated by you this morning, you will get back to us on 10 April’14 at 9.00 am after consulting with your management. We are looking forward to see where all this will lead to this time. And as per requested this morning by one of our irritated resident who had attended most of the meetings that we had, please pass this message to your management – please do not sent staffs that are unable or have no authority to make decisions to see us and waste our time. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this request as the what and why was made clear to you this morning.

Albert Lau


Update: 1st April 2014 – letter from Sime Darby Rep.

Dear Albert,

1.  We would like to apologize for the cancellation of appointment last Thursday at the very last minute.

2.  Our En Isa had received a list from Mr Tony of D’Embun (Phase 1C) for the request for additional streetlight on 27 Mar 2014 as attached.  Kindly be informed that all the streetlights within Ara Idaman had been constructed in accordance to approved plan and handed over to MBPJ on 1 Jul 2007 .  You may refer to MBPJ’s file reference MPPJ/050502/T/P10/KP/LJ/180/AMBILALIH 2007.

3.  The maintenance and upkeep of Ara Idaman had also taken over by MBPJ on .1 Jan 2006.  You may refer to MBPJ’s file reference (03)MPPJ/060100/T/R2/V.O.  The scope of works should comprise of cleaning up of the area including road sweeping and drain cleaning.  Our scope of cleaning works are confined to only one time cleaning prior to hand over of road and drain to MBPJ.

4.  In view of the above, we regret to inform you that we are unable to attend for your additional request as per item 2 above.

We seek for your fair review.



On 27-3-14, an sms was received at 8.40 am from Cik Syahira of SD that the meeting was will be postponed to 3 pm as Cik Dayang had to attend to another meeting. Later at 3.00 pm, Encik Isa of SD dropped by and informed that the meeting had to be postponed to next week i.e. 3rd April at 9.00 am as they are unable to compete the list on what needs to be done and the soil test report on the area that had sunken. Although apologies was made, I had told Encik Isa that its not acceptable that we were only informed at the last minute in regards to the postponement of the meeting.

With reference to the letter from Sime Darby Property(SD) to Idaman Ara Damansara Resident Association, Selangor (IADRAS), reference no.SDADDSB/TCS/DJAM/IDAMAN/NMS/14-191, dated 19-2-14 and delivered by hand to IADRAS on 17-3-14 and the notice put up at the entrance of Ara Idaman. The roads and drains effected stated in the noctice being namely Jln. PJU1A/21, Jln. PJU1A/22, Jln. PJU1A/24, Jln. PJU1A/26, Jln. 1A/28, Jln. PJU1A/30 & Jln. PJU1A/32.

Here I would like to point out that in the letter from SD to IADRAS, it is stated that all work has been done. Such a statement defies logic when it had been made clear to SD’s staff that the work is unsatisfactory and incomplete through numerous occasion, the final two being:
1) a meeting arranged by the then Councillor Encik Khairul Annuar in Dec’13 between the Resident Associations of Ara Damansara and Sime Darby Property
2) a walk about in Ara Idaman on Jan’14, resulting from the above mentioned meeting, was conducted by SD staff, SD contractor and IADRAS representatives where a road by road inspection/review was made on the job done/not done. SD was then supposed to come up with a list then on the outstanding issues for IADRAS to go through and rectify if needs be and to add in any additional request IADRAS may have for SD to consider. At date of receingNo list was provided .

Despite the above described, no further significant action had been taken by SD since and on the contrary the handover to MBPJ was set in motion effectively forcing IADRAS to raise our objection to MBPJ which leads us to the current event which I would like to minute down here.

Date: 19-3-14
Time 3.00pm
Venue: Puan Hanizah Katab’s office in Menara MBPJ.
Attendance: Albert Lau (IADRAS),
Puan Hanizah Katab and Cik Yan (Jabatan Kejuruteraan Bandaraya PJ)
Minute: Albert briefed Puan Hanizah and lodged IADRAS’s objection to the handover due to unsatisfactory and incomplete job done. IADRAS’s stand is that MBPJ should only approve the handover after consulting with and getting the agreement from IADRAS.
Conclusion: Upon Puan Hanizah’s instruction, Cik Yan arranged to visit Ara Idaman with SD’s staff on 20-3-14 at 9.00am to look into the cause and solving IADRAS’s objection.

Date: 20-3-14
Time: 9.05am
Venue: PJU1A/24
Attendance: Cik Yan (MBPJ
Puan Jasmin, Encik Isa and i more staff, all of SD (our apologies for not having her name)
Angeline, Ricky, Tony, May, Andrew and Albert (IADRAS)
Minute: Examples of roads having deposit of sand, stones and moss and clogged drain holes were pointed out. As SD staff are fully aware of what needs to be done aside from the examples mentioned, a road by road walk about to review the situation was decided to be unnecessary.
1) SD will compile a detail list on whats needs to be done.
2) List to handed over to IADRAS on 27-3-14 at 9.00am.
3) IADRAS will review, rectify and and confirm the list accordingly.
4) Additional request to enhance the living environment and safety in Ara Idaman will be listed separately by IADRAS.
5) IADRAS request that the list should be done for all items and not just confined to road and drains. Agreed to by SD.
6) After the list is confirmed by IADRAS, SD will commence work.
7) SD will review progress of work, as per a fore mentioned list, together with IADRAS on fortnightly Thursdays at 9.00am.
8) IADRAS’s stand is that MBPJ should not approve the handover without consulting and getting the agreement of IADRAS.

Point to note:

1) Puan Jasmin mentioned that the landscape portion of the handover comprising the trees and playground had been handed over to MBPJ. Albert express surprise as IADRAS had received no notice to this effect and no notice had been posted to inform stakeholders in Ara Idaman. IADRAS request Puan Jasmin to confirm this matter as IADRAS stand on the landscape is the same as that of the road and drain.
2) It had been mentioned by SD staff that certain issues raised in our objection falls under the responsibility of MBPJ. Should such issues be identified, IADRAS request MBPJ to issue a written statement to declare it is so and to state how and when such issues will be solved.

Last but not least. IADRAS would like to express our appreciation to MBPJ and SD for their cooperation and effort in settling IADRAS’s objection to this handing over issue. We look forward to SD completing all outstanding issues and effect a smooth handover of Ara Idaman to MBPJ..

Albert Lau