Welcome to Ara Idaman

Welcome to Ara Idaman

Update (17 July 2013)

Since the implementation of 24-Hr. guard services from 1st Feb. 2013, there has been a significant decrease in “incidents” happening in Ara Idaman. Initial batch of guards had been Punjabis and upgraded to Nepalese in April.

Up to date, recorded incidents stands at 8 comprising 3 intrusions by people holding drinking parties in the various playgrounds, 1 of unidentified footprints in the front yard, 1 of missing shoes and 3 burglary. We look forward to further reductions with the full implementation of the security procedures.

Further, there had been a request for access to the TNB lands by two families who are non-residents of Ara Idaman. We had proposed, through MBPJ office, an alternative route for them but to-date they have not made further requests.

Brief on the walkie talkie system:
Aside from being the tool for guards on patrol to communicate with the guard house, the system can be used by residents to communicate with the guard house (termed base station). When speaking to the base station, only the base station can hear. When the base station transmits, all who are tuned in will be able to listen in.

IADRAS Committee’s plan is to appoint a Security Officer for each enclave and he/she will act as a point of communication within the enclave for any emergencies. He/she will be assigned a unit of walkie talkie tuned to listen in on all transmission.
The walkie talkie set selected for use is Motoplus. Cost per unit is RM390.00.

Currently, the supplier is supplying it at a special price of RM290.00 per unit for purchases made within this July month. Purchase and use of the unit will only be extended to IADRAS members only and will be subject to the approval of the Station Master and IADRAS Committee and compliance with a set of regulations.

If you are interested please contact the Station Master or IADRAS Pro-tem Committee members.
Station Master – Mr.Sunny Nah of Bayu, Contact no.: 019-2221383
Assisting – Daniel Ho of Embun, Contact no.:  016-3321483

Moving Forward:
The guard house is operational. The CCTV and boom gate system installation is completed and now waits the keying in of the required data – we seek your cooperation to complete and submit the IADRAS Membership form and Access Card/Car Sticker Application form to secure the necessary data. Upon completion of the form, the access card and car stickers will be distributed accordingly.

Standard Operating Procedure for residents and guards are being prepared and will be put into place before the full implementation of the security system.


Other Matters:
We have been advised by the Councillor overseeing our area that the developer of Ara Idaman i.e. Sime Darby has not handed over all the amenities to MBPJ. As such, IADRAS has proposed to MBPJ to have a joint audit with Sime Darby on the amenities consisting of landscaping (trees), road, drains and playground to see that all are right before MBPJ accept the handover. Should you have any suggestions please contact IADRAS Committee.

Membership Form and Access Card:

The Membership form to join IADRAS and the Access Card application form can be downloaded: here